Once again, real estate is a secure and performing investment with above average returns particularly for zoning, redevelopment and repositioning of assets.

The opportunity today is in acquiring real estate and reposition the assets to enhance cash flow.

As real estate markets strengthen across the country, many observers wonder how we can find land at values deep enough to deliver strong returns.  Although we can buy in good economies and bad, there are compelling reasons to buy today as markets return to normalcy after their nine year climb from the Great Recession. Across the country, a persistent gulf remains between demand and supply for homes. With demand from household formation, obsolescence, and second homes totaling about 1.7 million units- compared with the 1.2 million units of supply- the disparity is stark, particularly for more affordable homes. We believe land values will accelerate as the volume of construction increases and this gap narrows. Rates of single family housing starts continue to lag 15 year averages. The populations of cities in our market grow in excess of the national average. As these cities return to normal-not peak- levels of homebuilding, demand for land will surely follow.

The oldest of 80 million millennials are now 36 years old and in their prime home buying years, and with this generation’s largest cohort now only about age 27, millions more will soon need places of their own. And with the vast majority of these seeking affordable, suburban homes, millennial demand will in turn drive for housing and commercial development for years to come.

US Developments core business is leveraging 25 years of building and land development knowledge to capitalize on this once in a generation opportunity that the Southeast provides today. US Developments identifies well located and well priced land opportunities that it acquires, develops, and offers to the market.

Now that the recession is behind us, municipalities are taking longer to approve development and when you add state and federal government approvals, it can take up to two years.

Whether is it acquiring distressed projects or developing, sourcing funding for your projects, construction, or marketing and selling, US Developments has the history and track record to capitalize on today’s real estate opportunities.