Stephen Rosenburgh
Founder, President & CEO, US Developments, LLC

Industry Experience

Mr. Rosenburgh manages a team of experienced development specialists who help implement the company’s real estate investment strategies. Mr. Rosenburgh’s career includes positions in government affairs and manufacturing.

After working for two years in the Cabinet of the Province of Ontario, Canada, he joined an international real estate development corporation based in Toronto. While with the company, Mr. Rosenburgh was involved in the acquisition and disposition of more than $300 million in real estate assets. His responsibilities included planning and zoning as well as design, finance, project management and leasing/sales.

Mr. Rosenburgh expanded his range of knowledge in the fields of development and building by acquiring a significant interest in Morewood Industries, a manufacturer of housing components and modular homes. He served as the company’s president and managing director for several years. After executing the profitable sale of Morewood, Mr. Rosenburgh returned to land development and residential construction as the Senior Vice President of Bramalea Limited. At that time, Bramalea was the largest publicly traded real estate development company in North America, and Mr. Rosenburgh was responsible for low rise residential housing, design, land acquisition, marketing, sales, purchasing, construction and administration with an annual budget exceeding $120 million.

After a successful career in Canada, he moved to Charlotte, N.C., where he founded Jordan Homes, a residential building and land development company. Some of his projects included Carrington, The Greens at Birkdale (which won several national awards), Legend Oaks and Stonebridge, both large mix-use golf course developments. Deciding to concentrate on land development, he sold his interest in the housing company and established Asset Corporation and US Land Investments, LLC to concentrate in residential, commercial and industrial land development in the Southeastern US.

Mr. Rosenburgh acts as a consultant to many Wall Street firms looking to invest in the real estate markets in the Southeastern US. His advisory services have also included work with the US Federal Reserve and The State of North Carolina Banking Commission.

Seeking international assets, Mr. Rosenburgh acquired a 50% interest in Chenay Bay, a 50-unit (free standing) resort in St. Croix US VI. He and his partners founded, developed and sold this full service resort.


Mr. Rosenburgh received a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a Master’s from Laurentian University. He has a Master’s in administration and marketing from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Mr. Rosenburgh completed an Executive Management Program at Harvard University and he is also a graduate of the NC College of Bankers.

Public Service

Mr. Rosenburgh has completed a term as a member of the North Carolina Banking Commission. He has served as a Housing Commissioner for the City of Charlotte and as the Chairman of the Charlotte Planning Commission and a member of the Regional Transportation Board. Over the last 12 months, Mr. Rosenburgh has been asked to bring his 30 years of real estate and financial experience to access the current market conditions and provided solutions for distressed real estate assets. These activities have included speaking at real estate forums throughout the US, England, and the Middle East as well as advising the Federal Reserve. His most recent appointment is as a member of the North Carolina Works Commission which is chaired by the Governor and develops policies and strategies to enable the states work force to compete in the global economy.